Rakiura Lodge, Stewart Island offers self-catering lodge accommodation and is located on beautiful Stewart Island at the southern tip of New Zealand. Rakiura Lodge offers comfortable and relaxed accommodation from which you can enjoy the unique and beautiful environment of Stewart Island.

Your holiday on Stewart Island can be as relaxing or energetic and exciting as you want it to be. Here are some of the activities you can experience.

Scenic flight over Stewart Island, New Zealand

Scenic flights offer a stunning overview of Stewart Island and allow you appreciate the beauty of the landscape (weather permitting of course!). View the Stewart Island Flights web site for more information. 

Scenic boat cruises around the bays of Stewart Island, New Zealand

Scenic boat trips
allow you to explore the pristine bays and harbours of Stewart Island. 

Stewart Island, New Zealand water taxi

Water taxis
can help deliver you to many locations for a leisurely afternoon walk, a two day tramp or anything in between. 

Ulva Island, Stewart Island, New Zealand, birdwatching

Ulva Island
is a stunning open sanctuary which is easily reached by water taxi. Contact Ulva's Guided Walks for more information. 

Stewart Island Kiwi, New Zealand

Bird watching - Kiwi spotting:
Guided night time walks allow you to view the kiwi in its native habitat - unique to Stewart Island. 

Sea kayaking, Stewart Island, New Zealand

Sea kayaks
are available for hire and you can also take guided tours. Kayaking is a great way to explore the sheltered waterways and beaches of Patterson Inlet. Your explorations can be combined with camping on the unspoilt empty beaches. Contact Rakiura Kayaks for more information. 

Diving around Stewart Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island offers unsurpassed opportunities for the diver. You can dive among Blue Cod and Tarakihi (depending on the season) and collect crays, scallops and oysters for dinner. You can also view several shipwrecks including the Dong Won (1998). Some charter companies can also take you to Fiordland to view the Endeavour, the oldest European wreck in New Zealand.

Fishing off Stewart Island, New Zealand

A selection of charter boats are available to take you fishing. Stewart Island waters are renowned for a wide variety of fish and shellfish. Cook your freshly caught blue cod with our homegrown herbs! 

Tramping on Stewart Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island is an attractive destination for those who love exploring the natural landscape on foot. Rakiura National Park includes over 250 kilometres of walking tracks. The Rakiura Track is considered one of New Zealand’s great walks and takes approximately 3 days. A wide variety of other walks are available for all levels of fitness from 10 minutes to 12 days. The Department of Conservation provides huts within the National Park.

Bus tours on Stewart Island, New Zealand

Tours and rentals:
Rent a car, scooter or mountain bike and find your own way around, or experience a guided bus or walking tour.

Hunting on Stewart Island, New Zealand

The exclusive whitetail deer (an american deer liberated here in the early 1900’s) is another sport for the energetic. Many hunting parties spend up to 2 weeks camped in isolated places during the early winter “roar”.